Atticus Rice
StatsGlass revolutionizes the way people enjoy baseball games through versatile and consumer-friendly practices.
StatsGlass is a startup geared toward revolutionizing the way that people enjoy baseball games. Through the company's app StatStadium, fans can enjoy an in‐ballpark experience like no other. The app offers a variety of features including augmented reality to see time statistics of players currently in the game, GPS location to tell you where you are in the ballpark and what amenities are you, as well as social media integration and a variety of discounts, among other offerings. Originally an entirely different product, StatsGlass has given way as the headline product name to StatStadium, and taken on the name of the company instead. StatsGlass was idea to create a Google Glass‐esque product that would allow fans to see the game in a different light, hands‐free. StatStadium similar idea but through a smart phone platform and with more than a single‐use. The idea of StatsGlass is still on the horizon, now StatStadium has become the focus of the StatsGlass company and the creators, myself and Mr. Robbie Mays, have every intention making it a reality.