Total Parking Solutions

Dulaj Rajaguru
"Valet" is a mobile/tablet application that provides total parking solutions to drivers around the world.
"Valet" is a mobile application that will provide total parking solutions to drivers around the world. It uses real time data to find the best parking spot for the user. The parking lot owner provides the number of free spaces in real time though the app, and in return the application directs the app users to the parking lots. The application also allows the users compare the prices and even reserve parking spaces by a pre-entered credit card. As the second step, the application will connect to the roadside parking meters, and expand into many services such as directions to electric charging outlets and car wash/repair places. To find the car easily, the application gives the option of dropping a pin in large parking lots.The Valet application also gives the opportunity to sell the parking passes to various events (concerts/ sports events etc). As the application develops, it has the potential to link with Google Maps, Apple Maps and GPS services to direct the potential users to parking spaces. Valet will be the first application to provide total parking solutions to every driver in the world.