Panta Rhei

Tyler Van Dyke
Panta Rhei is a company dedicated to selling a wide variety of artisanal beverages.
Panta Rhei's initial and primary beverage will be kombucha, a fermented vinegar-tea health drink known for its complex flavor profiles and health benefits. However, Panta Rhei also looks forward to branching out into other fermented beverages including (but not limited to) Water Kefir (another probiotic beverage similar to kombucha but with a water base and no vinegar flavors), root beer, and maybe eventually microbrewed beers/ciders/wines. The name of our company, Panta Rhei, is greek for "everything flows", and is the famous aphorism of Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher who stipulated that the world was in a perpetual flux. We at Panta Rhei maintain this tradition through our production model: our small batches and reliance on locally sourced fruit/flavors according to seasonal availability ensures that no two bottles of any drink ever taste quite the same. Initially, we are looking to sell our products in local businesses like Jeanie Bird, the Cup, and Tim Thai (and possibly on campus through Sodexo should we be allowed the opportunity to work with them), but we are also as a long term goal looking at eventually opening up our own brewpub-style operation.