The Financial Literacy Project

Nina Breece
To improve lives by creating a solid financial foundation for households by using practical financial management skills.
The Personal Finance Literacy Project will work with groups to teach financial literacy to primarily college students and other young adults. These workshops will be run by financial experts, professors, and possibly graduate students with a strong financial background and will be called “Money Management and Munchies: Let’s Get Financially LIT.” We will reach out to experts with financial management firms as featured speakers for the lunch session and other financial experts will teach the individual breakout sessions during the day. The Personal Finance Literacy Project is dedicated to improving lives through financial education. Our workshops will be designed to create personal change using simple skills employing knowledge to maximize individual economic security for people within their current economic status. These workshops are not designed to create overnight change of economic status but to develop lifelong skills and awareness. They will learn about many aspects of their finances and gain knowledge from experts that was not readily available to them. The six topics offered by our nonprofit will be: -Bank Accounts and How They Work -All About Buying a Car -All About Renting -All About Student Loans and Debt -How to Use a Credit Card Smartly -How to Create and Stick to a Successful Budget These topics will create a strong base for continuing to learn more about personal finance and provide many of the necessary tools to do so. The workshop will consist of an introduction and survey of knowledge in the morning, a breakout session, lunch with a keynote speaker, a second breakout session, and an end of the day survey to adequately judge their experience and how much they learned. After the initial workshops funded from grant money, we will be prepared to package and promote the workshops to other colleges, human services organizations, or nonprofits and sell the seminars, where the customer pays for our seminar and they provide both the location and food from their internal resources. This will allow us to continuously grow the nonprofit and educate more young adults on their personal finances.