Joshua Peeling
Weavr is a social media app that enables people who like to talk about the same things to connect to each other in real time, face to face.
With the Weavr mobile app, a user can display his/her current location on a map through their device and in return, be able to see all other users in the immediate area around them who are also currently using Weavr in a 1 mile radius. Not only will they be sharing their location however, they will also be listing between one and three topics that they are currently interested in talking about right that very moment and for how long they will be staying in that particular spot. Weavr users can explore the map and match up with people who share similar interests, and are close enough to meet in person. When two people agree to meet with each other, a simple messaging feature will be enabled that will allow those individuals to share more intricate details about where to meet up, or what they want to talk about more specifically. Ultimately, users will end up having face-to-face conversations about things they genuinely are interested in, and make connections with others around them that they never would have believed could happen before. A counter will track how many people a user has actually met in person, while another “star” counter is increased every time a user has been given a positive rating after meeting someone. These counters will help to encourage positive user interaction and an even more interesting user experience. A reporting feature will ensure that inappropriate activity will not persist on the app.