Ryan Lutes, LLC.

Ryan Lutes
Ryan Lutes, LLC is a specialized niche company in the Waste and Recycling Industry that provides a total turnkey solution to private haulers
Ryan Lutes, LLC provides a unique cradle to grave service in the Waste and Recycling Industry. The process begins with containerizing municipalities where Ryan Lutes, LLC distributes new waste and recycling containers to each house in a town. In the distribution process, Ryan Lutes, LLC pairs each container via Radio Frequency Identification Tags, RFID, in order to track the containers’ location, designate proper pick up times, and allocate necessary resources for container replacement. The main service Ryan Lutes, LLC provides is to disassemble waste and recycling containers at the end of their useful life to then be recycled into new products. This process starts by removing the containers off the streets of a municipality using RFID technology and gathering them in a centralized location. At the centralized location, each container undergoes the process of disassembly. This process strips the container of its metal axel, stop bar, and plastic wheels. By removing these parts of the container, the container can be efficiently stacked and loaded onto a tractor-trailer maximizing the amount of recyclables per trailer load. The services provided by Ryan Lutes, LLC revolutionize solutions for the entirety of the recycling process.